Burlap Wreath

Friday, October 09, 2015

You could use this method to make a wreath for anything.
Just use different colored burlap and decorations!

Here's how I made this:

- approximately 20 ft of 2 inch burlap 
- foam wreath base
- hot glue
- decorations

1. Tightly wrap the burlap around the wreath base
overlapping each piece about 1 inch to avoid bubbles

2. When it is completely wrapped, secure with hot glue
so that both ends are on the same side - the back

3. Make a bow of your choosing.
I do mine the easy way.
- reserve a 6 inch piece of burlap.
This will be used for the center.
- start with about 2 ft of burlap or ribbon
- hold in your hand so that you have only a few 
inches hanging off to one side, and a longer piece
on the other side.
- pulling from the longer piece, use your free hand to
make 3 circles about 6 inches long holding  
it between your fingers each time you loop it to keep
it from unraveling.
- once you are satisfied with the length of your circles,
pinch in the middle so you have 3 loops on each side.
- I like to tie it with a thread to secure their position, or you can 
go ahead and wrap it with that 6 inch piece that is reserved.
- hot glue the center piece so it is nice and snug and the 
ends are in the back of the bow.

4. Attach the bow using hot glue.
I suggest putting it over the part on your wreath
where the ends meet to hide any exposed edges and such.

5. Glue, tie, or stick on your decorations!