Shleby's December & January Bark Box

Friday, January 22, 2016

This is Shleby's last Bark Box :(

She has loved receiving her brown box each month.

I didn't do a post for December because as we all know,
the Holiday time gets crazy.

As usual she got a few different Holiday themed treats,
along with a squeaky Frosty hat and Carrot chew toy (think KONG).

 The January Box has completely changed her life!
It came with a companion :)

We call him "little man" and she takes him
everywhere she is.
The moment we get home, she greets us and then finds
her little man to greet us too.

Also in this month's Bark Box was:

- Disco Waffle Cheddar Biscuits
- Duck Jerky Tenders
-Elk Jerks Sticks
- VW Plush Bus
(I can't bring myself to give her the bus because it 
is so dang cute and I would hate for her to destroy it)

Shelby with her Little Man (pardon my poor phone camera quality)

Our experience with Bark Box has been absolutely amazing!
Although some of the toys were completely destroyed
within 24 hours, Shelby has cherished most of them 
and they are still in her toy basket.
I'd also like to mention that their treats are AMAZING!
They all contain good, quality ingredients such as chia seeds,
sweet potato, protein, and/or something delicious
such as PB or cheese.... and she loves every one of them!

Maybe, down the road, when she finally runs out of toys and treats,
we will purchase an actual subscription.. who knows? :)