Maternity Must Haves & Hayley Moves!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Pregnancy is not easy. 
(not for me anyway)
Now that I've made it to six months,
I finally feel like I have a good grasp on what my body needs
to be as comfortable as possible to make it through the last 2 months.

Here are the things that have made it easier for me to get along
without going completely insane.
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I insisted on my husband getting this for me as a Christmas present!
I was about 12 weeks along at the time and even though my bump had not
quite made its debut, this was a lifesaver for helping me get to sleep!
Now, it gives me incredible belly and back support.
Unfortunately our dog has taken an extreme liking to it
and I have to pry her out each night.

I started off using Aveeno 24-hour Moisture lotion which was great but 
as my belly started to grow, I felt it wasn't moisturizing quite well enough.
I love that the Vaseline has cocoa butter in it and leaves my skin feeling
soft and smooth and non-greasy. Plus it smells amazing!


This seems silly and cliche pregnancy advice
 but TUMS is a lifesaver!
I haven't had heartburn yet - thank goodness-
but I have been experiencing some crazy acid reflux just before bed.
Pop one of these bad boys in and everything is cured.
It's like duct tape but for your stomach (fixes everything).

I absolutely love love these t-shirts!
Evan took me shopping for Valentine's day which also happened
to be President's weekend so every store was having huge sales!
These shirts are so soft and comfy and the fabric is thick (non-sheer)
and super stretchy for my growing belly.
I wish I could have one in every color!

On a normal day these are definitely a splurge.
But during the President's Day sale they were half off!
-yes, in San Diego, we buy shorts in February- 
These are by far the cutest and most comfortable maternity shorts ever.
I also bought some shorts from Target which are okay but stretch out a. lot. during the day.

6. A Maternity/Nursing Bra

I've been hesitating buying one because I'm in love with my VS bra
but I am now seeing/feeling the importance of one of these.
Obviously going to need one soon here as the girls keep growing.
As soon as I find one that I love, I'll put up the link!

7. An Amazing Support System

duh. Pregnancy is a new and exciting experience 
- at least for first timers -
And having either your partner, family, or close friends around
to help you get through the pains, fears, and emotions that come along
with being pregnant is something that is absolutely invaluable.

We can finally see Hayley moving from the outside!
Her kicks are getting insanely strong.
I have a feeling she is going to be a tap dancer or something in that field.
(I was in the middle of watching a video at work when she went ballistic) 

It's not much and looks more like video glitches (right side) but that's our little girl!