Shelby's October Bark Box & The Price is Right

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

On October 21st, we were lucky enough to get tickets
to attend the Price is Right (so fun!).

Anyway, it was pet adoption week and everyone
in the audience received 1 Bark Box as well as
a 3 month subscription to Bark Box;
since there were 4 of us, Shelby gets an entire year's worth!

She loved her sample box that we received that day!
It included 3 packs of treats (Duck/Chia gummies, Bully stick, Bacon treats, 
a rope with a giggle toy on it
(think back to those sticks when you were 5 that make a 
high pitch whoop noise when you tilt it back and forth)
and a Hound Bark-ula (Dracula) squeak toy that she has taken 
a liking to an refuses to actually destroy it!

At the end of October she received her first customized Bark Box.
It was New York themed with a Big Apple Snack Bar, Bacon treats,
a squeaky Stature of Liberty ball, and a Pretzel Rope.

The pretzel, sadly, was destroyed within 48 hours.
Although it doesn't look like it in the photo,
she is obsessed with the Statue of Liberty ball
she goes for it first thing in the morning and squeaks the 
daylights out of it ALL DAY LONG.

Bark Box sends their products out on the 15th of
every month. I (and Shelby) can't wait to see what comes next!

Husband Evan, Me, and my Step-Dad
(Mother-in-Law was taking the photo)

Our Episode air date is December 10, 2015!
You'll spot us next to George Gray